Pozer was a new wave and power pop band formed in 1979 guitarist Rob Kemp. Rob had previously been in The Vapors, who are best known for their hit Turning Japanese.

He met and recruited songwriter and guitarist Ian Goral, drummer Bruce Richins and bassist Dave Galbraith and the first incarnation of Pozer was formed.

Prior to joining Pozer, Bruce and Ian had been rehearsing for several months in a band with former Iron Maiden singer, Bruce Dickinson. However they did not play any gigs together.

Shortly afterwards they took their first step towards the bright lights of London Town, by moving from surburban Farnham in Surrey, to Croydon, just 12 miles from the city. It was there that the author Chris Smith first met the band and became a roadie for them, mainly because his friend Simon Clothier had unlimited use of his dad's van.

This new lifestyle did not suit Dave and he decided to go back to Farnham shortly afterwards. The band decided to switch Ian from guitar to bass and became a three piece for a while.

The band rehearsed in a mansion at Parkside in Wimbledon, arranged by a friend of a friend who was housesitting for the owners, who were abroad. One night a party took place at the mansion and a band was playing with a charismatic sax player. The band became friends with him and he eventually joined the band as singer. His name was Mark Landini.

After they left the mansion, they started rehearsing near Waterloo station in some converted railway arches. At this time they also started playing some better gigs. One day the band were invited to a record company for an audition. On their arrival they found out that it had been cancelled, without anyone letting them know. Ian got on the phone to local venues asking for a gig for that night and they ended up supporting Mungo Jerry at the Rock Garden, due to the original support band pulling out.

A new roadie called Adie Street started driving the band around. Bruce had met Adie whilst serving petrol at Whitgift Service Station, in South Croydon. 

The band kept working hard and and opened for Classix Nouveau and Gary Glitter at Guilford University. Just when they thought they were getting somewhere, having built up a decent following, Ian decided to quit the band. A new bass player Bernie Griffiths was quickly recruited, together with a second guitarist, Paul Sheldrick, who the band knew from working in Rock Bottom music store.

Sadly the band's life came to an end in 1981. They had relied heavily on Ian's songs and whilst they did write new smaterial, they didn't match the catchiness and feel of Ian's songs.

Bernie and Mark were also pushing for a new romantic look and feel, whilst Rob and Bruce were more rock'n'roll.

Guitarist Paul was involved in a serious car accident in 1981 and so the band played as a four piece at Farnborough Technical College. In the words of guitarist Rob, "It was awful".

The band never really recovered and decided to call it a day.

Where are they Now?

Rob Kemp - Rob tragically died of a heart attack in September 2016. He was living in Atlanta, Georgia and was working as a video engineer.
Ian Goral - Ian sadly died in 2007 of Hodgkin's lymphoma, after a long period of battling drug and alcohol addiction.
Dave Gilbraith - currently living in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Bruce Richins - living in Farnham, Surrey and has his own building and decorating business.
Mark Landini - living in New South Wales, Australia and has his own Graphic Design company.
Bernie Griffiths - whereabouts unknown
Paul Sheldrick - Last known, living in Brighton and still playing music.